About us
BHS Höhenarbeit Service specializes on work at heights using industrial rope access.

BHS was founded by Ms. Mag. Beata Walaszek and she has vast professional experience within the field of High Access Safety. In 1998 Ms. Walaszek entered into the housebuilding and construction safety services. She successfully expanded BHS in 2007 by offering consulting on safety services after studying civil engineering and technical advice. Through continuing her education Ms. Walaszek was presented her professional license for estate brokerage and property trading from from the Polish Minister of Infrastructure In the same year she established one of the most prosperous real estate companies in her region named “BETA INVEST”. In 2009 Ms. Walaszek received her authorization to issue energy certifications. In addition Ms. Walaszek is also qualified to give legal advice in civil and construction law.

Her company had the investor's supervision at governmental as well as big private investments. In her personal life Ms. Walaszek was a member of the 2005 Polish National Women's Himalayan expedition. From longstanding professional experience, outstanding organizational talent and a strength in personal management the company BHS was created.

BHS is focused on the following three areas:
  • Consulting and fall protection
  • Work at heights using industrial rope access
  • Training courses (IRATA)
Our Team consist of professionally trained workers, who have received the highest professional qualifications in their field. Our clients range from planning offices, companies, property and house management to private individuals. We are flexible and can adapt our work to the client’s schedules.

We would like to thank our long term clients for their trust, and we appreciate the mutual satisfaction.

mgr Beata Walaszek
Founder and Owner of BHS Höhenarbeit Service

ing. Michał Dryla
Company Manager BHS Höhenarbeit Service
BHS Höhenarbeit Service
Consulting and fall protection - Work at heights - Training courses (IRATA)
tel. +43 676 650 77 42, +48 12 350 65 42 e-mail: