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We at BHS Höhenarbeit Services will plan and assemble the right fall protection systems for all your working needs to include roofs, building fronts and/or industrial site.

In Addition BHS Höhenarbeit Services possess the necessary qualifications to preform technical safety checks as well as safety inspections on your buildings and poverties.

BHS Höhenarbeit Services is certificated PPE (personal protective equipment) controllers by both company PETZL and BEAL-leaders in the PPE industries

BHS Höhenarbeit Services is also licensed to preform PPE quality control and issue equipment durability certificates.

Our products and services are chosen with great care, to guarantee our customers the highest level of quality at a competitive price.

BHS Höhenarbeit Services focus on characteristics like ergonomics, high material quality and the latest industry trends when selecting our products

All BHS Höhenarbeit Services' products are in accords to the European standards.

Our product list is expending constantly, so our clients can order all he needs from one place.

Single Anchor points enable persons using personal protection equipment (PPE) a safe work environment on roofs and building fronts.
  • Anchors are used when an exposed area cannot be integrated into the rest of the fall protection system.
  • They are the best solution for creating a stationary fall protection providing a great freedom of movement.
  • Field of applications are roofs, fronts, industrial sites and much more
  • Materials like wood, trapezoidal metal sheets, steel or concert can be used with no problem.
  • Anchor points also protect dangerous roof areas which cannot be integrated into a lifeline system because of local conditions.
  • They are suitable for roofs or different inclinations, for flat roofs, and for various substructures such as concrete, wood, corrugated sheeting or steel can be used.
  • For people that have to work on exposed positions or even vertical.
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