Work at heights
BHS Höhenarbeit Service specializes in working safely at heights using the latest industrial rope systems.

BHS Höhenarbeit Service has worked on the following objects:
  • High-rise buildings, residential houses, single family homes
  • Sculptures, monuments, churches, cathedrals
  • Glass offices,
  • Industrial plants, halls, chimneys, vents, bridges,
  • Gondolas, ski lifts,
  • Transmission mast,
  • And also inside and outside of concrete blocks or other containers.

Prace budowlane
  • Repairs & restauration of facades,
  • Removal of loose, broken out or dangerously hanging down elements
  • Plaster & restructuring
  • Painting of facades
  • Repair & construction of stucco, cornice, balcony, terrace, balustrades and chimneys
  • Reinforcing of metal constructions
  • Painting of roof and balustrades

Usługi dekarskie
  • Assembly, exchange and repair of plate roof gutters (drainpipes) and edge gutters
  • Assembly of roof accessory : safety steps, snow guard, snow catchment grill, safety roof hooks, ventilation elements and much more
  • Painting of roofs
  • Installation of antennas on pitched roofs
  • Assembly and exchange of chimney cowl
  • Renovation of chimneys in residential houses
  • Cleaning and impregnation of roofs

  • Corrosion protection for metal constructions, indoor elevators, transmission masts, ski lifts, bridges and other constructions
  • Corrosion protection for constructions made of concrete and reinforced
  • refractory impregnation of wood constructions

Mycie i czyszczenie
  • Glass surfaces at facades, roofs, all kinds of constructions, industrial plants and technical facilities
  • Cleaning of silos and other closed objects
  • Pressure cleaning of plaster, metal and glass facades with special chemical germicidal agents
  • Mold control on facades, ventilation and air conditioner elements
  • Cleaning of monuments

Zabezpieczenia przeciw ptakom
The protection against pigeons is mounted on cornice, windowsills, any kind of edges that are used by birds, balconies, scalpers, roofs and other protruding elements using:
  • spikes
  • noise and ultrasound systems
  • bird mockups
  • bird net

Usługi monterskie
The assembly and disassembly of steel and aluminum constructions like:
  • Metal platforms for worker, leaders, evacuation leaders (emergency exit), cable duct, refrigerant line, antenna holders, interiors blinds.
  • Assemble and disassemble of vertical ventilation shafts in interior and exterior areas.
  • Assemble and disassemble of ventilation and air condition elements
  • Assemble and disassemble of balustrades on balconies
  • Billboards, advertising banners and Christmas decoration

Usługi interwencyjne
Our goal is to neutralize/minimize risks, harmful to health, and death of high access workers. We also are seeking to reduce and prevent damage of property when removing:
  • Over hanging form cornice or plaster element
  • Removal of ice and snow overhangs, icicles
  • Snow removal from plastic roofs, pitched roofs or any other difficult to access locations
  • Blocked or iced-up drainpipes and gutters
  • Removal of animal cadavers and excrements
  • Carriage/Transportation of heavy and bulky elements
BHS Höhenarbeit Service
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